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New York ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in New York. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.

ZIP Code is the postal code used by the United States Postal Service (USPS). ZIP is short for Zone Improvement Plan, which implies that mail can be delivered to its destination more efficiently and quickly. There are two types of zip codes in U.S, five digit zip code and nine digit zip code respectively. The basic ZIP number consists of five digits, followed by four more numbers, allowing the mail to be delivered to the destination more accurately. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd digits indicate the distribution area or the processing and distribution center. The 4th and 5th digits indicate the post office or the distribution area. Plus 4-digit zip code identifies a very specific geographic position within the zip code, such as a city block, apartment group, an individual receiver of mail, a post office box, or any other unit.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
NYRichmond CountySTATEN ISLAND10309
NYRichmond CountySTATEN ISLAND10310
NYRichmond CountySTATEN ISLAND10311
NYRichmond CountySTATEN ISLAND10312
NYRichmond CountySTATEN ISLAND10313
NYRichmond CountySTATEN ISLAND10314
NYBronx CountyBRONX10451
NYBronx CountyBRONX10452
NYBronx CountyBRONX10453
NYBronx CountyBRONX10454
NYBronx CountyBRONX10455
NYBronx CountyBRONX10456
NYBronx CountyBRONX10457
NYBronx CountyBRONX10458
NYBronx CountyBRONX10459
NYBronx CountyBRONX10460
NYBronx CountyBRONX10461
NYBronx CountyBRONX10462
NYBronx CountyBRONX10463
NYBronx CountyBRONX10464
NYBronx CountyBRONX10465
NYBronx CountyBRONX10466
NYBronx CountyBRONX10467
NYBronx CountyBRONX10468
NYBronx CountyBRONX10469
NYBronx CountyBRONX10470
NYBronx CountyBRONX10471
NYBronx CountyBRONX10472
NYBronx CountyBRONX10473
NYBronx CountyBRONX10474
NYBronx CountyBRONX10475
NYBronx CountyBRONX10499
NYWestchester CountyAMAWALK10501
NYWestchester CountyARDSLEY10502
NYWestchester CountyARDSLEY ON HUDSON10503
NYWestchester CountyARMONK10504
NYPutnam CountyBALDWIN PLACE10505
NYWestchester CountyBEDFORD10506
NYWestchester CountyBEDFORD HILLS10507
NYPutnam CountyBREWSTER10509
NYWestchester CountyBRIARCLIFF MANOR10510
NYWestchester CountyBUCHANAN10511
NYDutchess CountyCARMEL10512
NYWestchester CountyCHAPPAQUA10514
NYDutchess CountyCOLD SPRING10516
NYWestchester CountyCROMPOND10517
NYWestchester CountyCROSS RIVER10518
NYWestchester CountyCROTON FALLS10519
NYWestchester CountyCROTON ON HUDSON10520
NYWestchester CountyCROTON ON HUDSON10521
NYWestchester CountyDOBBS FERRY10522
NYWestchester CountyELMSFORD10523
NYPutnam CountyGARRISON10524
NYWestchester CountyGOLDENS BRIDGE10526
NYWestchester CountyGRANITE SPRINGS10527
NYWestchester CountyHARRISON10528
NYWestchester CountyHARTSDALE10530
NYWestchester CountyHAWTHORNE10532
NYWestchester CountyIRVINGTON10533
NYWestchester CountyJEFFERSON VALLEY10535
NYWestchester CountyKATONAH10536
NYPutnam CountyLAKE PEEKSKILL10537
NYWestchester CountyLARCHMONT10538
NYWestchester CountyLINCOLNDALE10540
NYWestchester CountyLAKE LINCOLNDALE10541
NYPutnam CountyMAHOPAC FALLS10542
NYWestchester CountyMAMARONECK10543
NYWestchester CountyMARYKNOLL10545
NYWestchester CountyMILLWOOD10546
NYWestchester CountyMOHEGAN LAKE10547
NYWestchester CountyMONTROSE10548
NYWestchester CountyBEDFORD CORNERS10549
NYWestchester CountyMOUNT VERNON10550
NYWestchester CountyMOUNT VERNON10551
NYWestchester CountyMOUNT VERNON10552
NYWestchester CountyMOUNT VERNON10553
NYWestchester CountyNORTH SALEM10560
NYWestchester CountyOSSINING10562
NYWestchester CountyPEEKSKILL10566
NYWestchester CountyCORTLANDT MANOR10567